What is a Cannabis Patch?

by California Street| | Cannabis

A cannabis patch is a transdermal delivery mechanism of cannabinoids into the human bloodstream. These time-released patches are applied to clean dry skin for the relief of chronic medical ailments. The transdermal patch technology is not a new concept. It has been used in nicotine cessation products and pain therapy for the past several years. 

Patents for Cannabis Patches

Patents for cannabis patches date back to the 1990s. They published claims pointing to the cannabis patch as a treatment for complications of chronic disease and pain. The patch itself can be infused with a particular formulation to yield specified results, in addition, to the ability to precisely calculate the dose. They can be applied and left on for up to 12 hours of continuous relief. That makes them very attractive to people seeking cannabis for medicinal purposes.

medical cannabisWhat Makes a Cannabis Patch Work?

The first thing that a transdermal “cannabis patch” must have to be effective is a permeation enhancer. That is an additive that helps the cannabis get from the patch, through the dermal layer, and into the bloodstream. 

The adhesive backing layer contains cannabis and its carrier for application. Once applied to clean dry skin, the cannabis patch releases cannabinoids straight into the bloodstream. Therefore, it’s one of the most effective delivery methods, equally as efficient as smoking or vaping.

The most important element in the cannabis patch discussion is the purity of the strain. This becomes evident once all of the compounds are isolated, and unneeded ones are discarded through the extraction process. What is left are pure cannabinoids, formulated to target particular symptoms.

Are They Used for Recreational Purposes?

It’s probably not going to be your “goto” for getting high. The fact is, these things are made to relieve pain and misery. They are marketed for chemo patients, people suffering from severe arthritis and the complications of AIDS. The reason they are so effective with these conditions is due to the low dose and slow, steady release of the cannabinoids into the bloodstream over time. The cannabis patch might not provide a realistic outcome for those seeking a measurable psychoactive experience.

The Transdermal Takeaway

There is a bounty of benefits to using the cannabis patch for chronic pain relief. It’s discrete, precisely formulated, easy to use, and long-lasting. Building on technology that’s been perfected since the 1970’s, they are the perfect demonstration of cannabis science. As the industry evolves, so will the purity of the strains which will be used to provide optimal relief to patients using these products.

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