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Are you looking for some weird-tasting cannabis strains? The flavor profile of a particular marijuana strain is a decisive factor in its commercial success. Cannabis strains come in various flavors, and the manner in which the specific cannabis strain was cultivated, cured, stored, and processed makes up a strain’s flavor profile but let’s not forget its genetics.

Let’s now see the weirdest-tasting cannabis strains in today’s market!

Meat Breath

This weird-tasting strain, a cross between Mendo Breath and Meatloaf, is a classic Indica, which means that it has a more subtle harmony between physical relaxation and mental clarity than either of its similarly mellow parents. Its potent spicy and musty aroma, which is dominated by beta-caryophyllene and limonene, is, in fact, something between diesel fuel and spicy meat. 

If you can get used to it, it has an addictive flavor that is kind of an aggressive blend of diesel fuel, spicy citrus, and rotting meat. So, in case you’re into it, the 29% THC maximum will take all the stress you’ve been building up and will make you experience a couchlock body high but an energizing head high.

Cat Piss

Due to its name and somehow stinky smell, many people don’t want to try Cat Piss, a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The name of this strain describes the odor it emits: cat urine. It has a pungent ammonia-like scent, and the flavor is piney with sour notes and a funky aftertaste. 

Users claim that it gives them great emotions of happiness and boosts productivity levels. Users report feeling stimulated after using the strain, which has a slight body high but no couchlock effect.

Grandpa’s Breath

Even if its name might sound repulsive, this strain’s musty smell isn’t as bad as you may think. It is an Indica-dominant cross between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple. The strain has a low CBD concentration and a relatively high THC content of 15-20%. It has an earthy and stinky odor, smelling like damp foliage, and according to some users, there are some hints of diesel. Many consumers claim it has an odd skunky and sweet flavor that you either love or hate.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese has the most pungent aroma and weird dank taste among the Cheese strains. It is a cross of Blueberry and Big Buddha Cheese and produces a relaxing, soothing effect that is great for focus and inspiration.

Blue Cheese is a very powerful strain with a 19% THC content. Despite having a strong Indica genetic base, this strain also has strong Sativa traits from the Skunk side. The only similarity between Blue Cheese and real blue cheese is its strong smell that can be detected from anywhere.

Garlic Bud

Despite Garlic Bud’s unflattering name, which is like roasted garlic cloves sprinkled with chemical runoff and topped with spicy herbs, the high is luckily less potent than its taste and odor. 

The strain’s spicy herbal and woody flavor helps to balance out the first garlic-like tokes. With limonene and beta-caryophyllene prominent in its terpene profile, Garlic Bud has its origins in the Indica family. The end result is a strong cerebral buzz with a relaxing body experience that will lead you to the couch in no time and will significantly relieve your stress levels. 

First Class Funk

This Indica-dominant strain was created by the crossing of GMO and Jet Fuel Gelato. Once you smoke this beauty, you’ll experience a heady state of unfocused relaxation and a body high so strong it will produce a blissful couchlock. 

These effects, together with First Class’ high average THC content of 29–33%, make it ideal for treating patients with chronic pain, arthritis, cramps, muscle spasms, and nausea. Try Sonoma Hills Farm First Class Funk flower if you’re looking for symptom relief or just for an utterly relaxing night use.

This flower has a strong peppery gas flavor and a heavily pungent aftertaste that may be too much for some. The scent is rather potent, with overtones of grape and herbs and a strong, spicy diesel scent that is also somewhat overwhelming. 

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